June 2020 - Analysis

Jul 01, 2020

TOTAL PROFIT/LOSS: +150.73 Units

£1 Per Unit = £150.73

£10 Per Unit = £1,507

£100 Per Unit = £15,073


After nearly 4 years on Twitter, June 2020 became the first full month after the switch to Telegram Messenger in late May. The month of May played host to the new website and a fundamental step in the right direction as to how things work around here as I changed the way you receive Daily Tips. The move from Twitter to Telegram has allowed me to automate administrative duties freeing up more time for research and customer care which are the two most important aspects of Upper 90 Tips. This was a huge decision for me to make but an Inspired one it's turning out to be.

The first month of the new era - June 2020 becomes the most profitable month of the year thus far! 




A great start to the month as we registered 12 profitable days before the 13th of June. We hit the +100u mark on the 11th and continued to rise up until the 13th. During the 3rd week of June, we experienced a fluctuation in profits up until around the 21st in which profits continued to climb before peaking at +150u as we brought the month to a close.


BET OF THE DAY: +53.22 Units

The BOTD continues to be our most reliable and consistent bet. The BOTD usually boasts our largest stake of the day so will represent a similar comparison to the Day by Day breakdown above. A strong start to the month followed by a fluctuation of Profits during mid-June before a Strong finish to the month as we hit a 5 Win Streak! 


DICE OF THE DAY: +17.90 Units

The DOTD is where we roll the dice. These Bets boast higher odds and a smaller stake. DOTD winners usually bring in a substantial boost to the daily P/L. When they lose we take it with a pinch of salt as they usually have a minimal effect on the day's proceedings. All in all a very good month for the DOTD despite touching negative early on.


ACCAS/EXTRAS: +52.19 Units 

A fantastic month for Accas and Extras as we smashed the return of both Bundesliga and the Premier League. Endless hours of studying behind closed doors footage whilst identifying the teams/players that suited the new conditions gave June's Profits a considerable push!


SUPER SINGLE -3.26 Units

Super Singles are usually high-value bets that warrant a sizeable stake so a loss does give P/L a fairly big kick in the teeth. We hit some great value early on but fine margins led to a 4 losing streak mid-month. Mediocre month for SS's to say the least, ending in a very small loss.


INPLAYS: +24.20 Units 

Despite the InPlay Tips bringing home a substantial chunk of profit, I must say I'm not best pleased with this month's InPlay Results. Yes, we profited but this was a record month for the amount of InPlay Tips posted, and as you can see we did take a hit mid-month and never really recovered until the closing stages. I set high standards and will be increasing the criteria and confidence leverage for future InPlays. This should allow us to take home more profit from fewer tips.



The BOTD and ACCAS/EXTRAS are the major players for June bringing home a combined 68.5% of profits. I'll be making a slight tweak to the Criteria that InPlays must meet before going live for members, we should see a noticeable difference for the upcoming month. 

All in all an exceptional start to the new era. Throughout June we have taken some serious money from the bookmakers and I've received multiple success stories during the month, many of which are members that are starting to change the way they view gambling for the better. This motivates me more than you will ever know so for that I thank you! 

Onto July, New month! New P/L! New Goals! We Move.

TIP OF THE MONTH - CORRECT SCORE SINGLE (Schalke 0-1 Werder Bremen @ 9/1)


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