Researched the day before and double checked in the morning is our renowned BOTD consisting of the best picks from the fixtures on offer for the current day. Just like all Tips posted to members we apply the Upper 90 Tips betting model and believe that these pre match selections represent a higher probability of winning than the bookmakers are anticipating. 

The BOTD is usually a double sporting odds of at least 2.00 (Evens) and is posted daily to Members at 09:00. Our best monthly record stands at 24/30!


Whilst researching the books for the BOTD we often find value in other markets too. These selections are normally higher in odds and warrant a smaller stake. The DOTD can be made up of anything from a double to a 5-Fold. Imagine them as honourable mentions that carry enough value worthy of a bet.

The DOTD usually represents odds of 3.00 (2/1) differing to odds of around 11.00 (10/1) and is posted occasionally to Members alongside the BOTD at 09:00.


Aside from our consistent long term results, the attendance of Live fixtures is where we go the extra mile travelling to 5-8 games per month to get that extra edge over the bookies. For example, you could have the most nailed on research to suggest an U23 team were going to win but for all you know the opposing team could be made up of 7 first team players, the pitch could be in awful condition, the wind could be that powerful it determines what team will be on the front foot... Catch my drift? Aside from the obvious factors there is plenty of data you can pull from these games to increase the chances of cashing in!

Hands on tips usually justify higher stakes if we have the sufficient reasoning to back it up. Similar to standard Inplay tips the odds & stake size will vary depending on the market that's selected. However, you will never see an Inplay tip under 1.50 (1/2) odds here at Upper 90 as the margin of value isn't justifiable. You will be pre notified on the day of a hands on tip.


In case you're not familiar Inplays are live selections pulled from markets that are currently in progress - Pretty self explanatory. Every man and his dog seems to be an inplay expert on social media but there's a lot more to a good bet than just choosing a favored team when they're losing. It's vital to shortlist your Inplays and predicted events prior to kick off rather than just picking something off the bat in your spare time. In this case you can analyse expected outcomes before they occur and weigh up safer alternatives that are somewhat related to the same outcome and will eventually carry similar odds.

Inplay tips rely on certain events occurring in our favor before being eligible to post. Odds and stake size will vary depending on confidence level and the margin of error related within the bookmakers market probability. Inplay tips will always be posted at a minimum of 1.50 (1/2) odds and can be posted anytime from 09:00 through to 22:00. Our best Inplay winning streak stands at 21 consecutive winners!


No, you're not going to find your perfect match here. Super Singles are pre-match picks believed to be overpriced and worthy of a bet. For example if we're expecting an end to end contest between two teams that extravagantly bombard the wings in an attempt to cross the ball and the bookmakers markets aren't adjusted to cater. We will then take the market that represents the best odds in comparison to the probability of this outcome.

Super Singles are usually odds of 2.00 (Evens) and above. They're posted occasionally alongside the BOTD at 09:00.


On Saturday's and during numerous midweek match days we are treated to peak fixture lists. This gives us the opportunity to dig deep into the English leagues and other top European leagues. You can usually expect three different bet combinations on these days. For example a Treble, 4-Fold and a small stake longshot.

These Accumulator like selections will be posted 09:00 Saturday Mornings and usually mid afternoon to cater for the evening's games. Odds will vary.


Here in the UK the National Basketball Association is heavily underrated both as a sport but more importantly as an opportunity to take advantage of constantly fluctuating markets. With the assistance of expert american consensus reports and the upper 90 tips betting model overnight NBA Tips now play a fundamental role towards our long term profits.

NBA is a game of exceptional skill that can be immensely influenced by momentum. During Inplay circumstances this gives us the chance to take advantage of rapidly moving markets and high value odds.

When applicable a Pre Match Overnight NBA Double/Treble at odds of at least 2.00 (evens) will be posted before 22:00 with the occasional extra at longer odds. Our best monthly record stands at 24/27.

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