The Unforgiving Truth About Free Tipsters

Jun 05, 2020


Even Salt Looks Like Sugar

Has it ever crossed your mind why Free tipsters have such a strong hatred towards subscription-based tipsters? In this blog, I'm going to throw light on the trade secrets they don't want you to know and help you determine the tipsters that work for you from the tipsters that work for the bookmakers.

Before we get into this, I'd like to highlight the fact that there are Free Tipsters out there who have good intentions and if they are posting regular Profit/Loss updates without any of the warning signs listed below then you can be reassured that they're not trying to hustle you. However, if you happen to follow a tipster who falls victim to the points I'm about to highlight then I'd seriously consider the advice you're listening too regarding where to put your money.

Sadly, I tend to refrain from using the word 'Tipster' when I describe my line of work. I've been sharing my daily tips on social media for nearly 5 years now (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram) and over that period of time the term 'Tipster' has built up a sense of grubby-ness you could say. I'm sure many other genuine tipsters within the industry would agree that the 'Tipster' reputation has been somewhat tarnished by degenerates using their following in return for a paycheque from the bookmakers. 

If you're a member of Upper 90 Tips you will have an understanding of the type of person I am as you connect with me daily. I speak the truth. Of course I do. This is gambling, an industry that is so easy to manipulate. Unfortunately, the sad reality is there are many people who fall victim to evil marketing techniques such as Bet Stimulus and fake expertise. Well, not anymore. I have a goal - To support & educate you towards benefiting from sports gambling in the long term whilst bringing awareness to the unpleasant side of gambling and reducing the risk of financial loss. I'm sure there are other tipsters out there with similar goals too. They're the real ones.


Mingling With The Big Boys - Las Vegas On Tour

In 2018 I was invited to the 'ICE Totally gaming' conference in London by multiple bookmakers that I won't name. What's 'ICE London' you ask? The Ice Totally Gaming Conference is an annual launchpad for gaming (a nicer word for Gambling) innovation where bookmaker giants from across the globe come together and network with current and potential new clients. Their intentions - to sit down and discuss commission-based affiliate deals. Now, Long Term Upper 90 members will be well aware that over the last 4 years I have received many similar emails in which I have profoundly declined as I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER be associated with a bookmaker. However, this time I decided to take them up on this offer to find out exactly what went on behind closed doors.

So, I made the all-inclusive trip down to ExCeL London. Upon entry of the venue, I had two choices, on the left-hand side stood what was quite literally a las vegas on tour. A room full of futuristic slot machines yet to be released, these were funded with infinite credits that allowed you to play around before you heavily invest in the equipment. On the right-hand side a room that hosted pretty much every online bookmaker under the sun. That's where I needed to be.

So, after mingling my way past playboy bunnies, greek goddesses, and women dressed as jackpot playing cards I eventually arrived at one of the lavish bookmakers stands to be greeted by none other than Roberto Carlos, yes the Roberto Carlos. You know, the Brazillian fella with 370 Caps for Real Madrid who was voted the second-best player in the world in 2002. This is the extent these bookmakers are going to, to glamourize the industry and lure in new clients that are going to help them on their mission to attract fresh meat that will eventually pump money into their sportsbooks.


The Dirty Secrets

After meetings with multiple representatives from a range of different bookmakers, Some vastly well known and others trying to follow in the footsteps of their billion-dollar rivals I found myself with multiple offers on the table. The bookmakers had sweetened me up with goody bags containing free pens, stickers, and stress balls in a bid to take me under their reigns as another Impulsive spam artist with a pleasant paycheque lined up for each new customer I can drive in their direction.

- CPA, Cost Per Acquisition: Some bookies offered to pay up to £60 for each person I can persuade to sign up to their site and deposit over £15. This gives you an insight into how much each customer is worth to them if they're willing to cough up that amount just to the middle man.

- Revenue Share: Once I've hassled you to sign up to their site I could be entitled to up to 30% of your losses. I mean you follow my tips anyway so what's the harm in me throwing in a few losers here and there to benefit both me and the bookies. This could seriously affect your finances but at least I get a cushty payout. Right?

- Hybrid Deal: Ah, the creme de la creme. CPA & Revenue Share combined. Now I can make a living by taking advantage of potential problem gamblers and exploiting them to the bookmakers. A sign that the bookies are relatively desperate if you ask me. In fact, one of the bookmakers who proposed this deal has since liquidated... That's a success I suppose.


Did you know, in 2019 some of the world's leading bookmakers were refusing to contribute just 0.1% to support education and treatment of problem gambling? Some firms donated nominal sums such as £1 & £5 just to ensure they were included on the list of Gambleaware voluntary donors. Talk about looking after your customers. The people that effectively run your business.

Anyhow, after being offered Free VIP tickets to Watford games (no, thanks) and once I'd told Roberto that I'd have saved his Free Kick vs France in 1997 I was out of there with all the information I needed. I'd been educated by the bookmakers themselves on exactly how Free Tipsters capitalize on their following and I'd been told what's in it for them and how they do it. Below are the techniques 'Free' Tipsters use to make money out of you. 



- A link directly to a bookmaker site: The Bookmakers will give the tipster a link that allows them to track exactly who signs up from their page and exactly how much money they make from you as a customer through your bet losses. They can then Pay the 'Tipster' their agreed commission. These links can also direct you straight to a bet slip.

- A link to their personal site which contains bookmaker offers: - A less in your face way of carrying out the above technique. You click on the Tipster's trusty website to be greeted by a bookmaker offer. Click on the offer and you're essentially now sharing your losses with the 'Tipster' as well as your new Bookmaker. 

- Tips Containing Ridiculously high odds: - The Perfect way to attract Problem Gamblers or In other words money trees for the bookmakers. If you're easily swayed by tips such as 100/1 accumulators this means you have Jackpot Mentality. People with Jackpot Mentality are the perfect victims for 'Free Tipsters' and bookmakers.

- Regular £25-£1000 Challenges: - Remember me mentioning CPA Offers above? Where a customer has to deposit £15 before the Tipster is entitled to a payout. Well, it doesn't take a genius to work out what is going on here. Challenge builders generate a lot of traffic and some tipsters even base their tips on certain markets that are only available within the bookmaker they're partnered with. The chances of completing these challenges are slim however the more you progress the more you can lose. Keep a close eye on tipsters throwing the challenge on the final bet. Now, that's a tidy payout. Please be aware some genuine tipsters carry out these challenges with good intentions, just double check they're not associated with a bookmaker before laying down your hard-earned cash.



To be clear, I attended this conference for educational purposes only (and a free trip to the Capital). I've built up a high level of trust and reputation over the course of 5 five years. Working seven days a week tirelessly for my members and results show that. If you think I'd destroy the relationship I have with my followers for some poxy bookmaker deal you must be mad.

In fact, you'll notice that some big social media pages have drastically collapsed since signing affiliate deals, and are you surprised? Filling up their feeds with constant spam such as sign up offers and bookmaker promotions. It's pure greed from recognized tipsters who clearly couldn't turn over a profit from their tips alone so went with Plan B. I mean it's genius from the bookmakers. They've managed to lure in these highly followed pages similar to how they take advantage of problem gamblers. Through the art of Stimulus. Attractive women, Big name footballers, Free Tickets to Premier League matches, and financial deals that won't affect their cashflow when truth be told, the bookmakers are just taking a slice of their following which is their target audience to an absolute tee.

It's worrying but at the same time, I laugh about it. These highly followed so-called 'Tipsters' think they've made it when signing affiliate deals with a bookmaker. They think that what they see at conferences such as the one I attended signifies there future which is why they sign the contract. In reality, they're destroying their platform and good. If they're willing to use a following they've built to manipulate and take advantage of gamblers then I wish them nothing but failure. These are devilish people willing to profit from your losses and I urge you to Unfollow such pages containing any of the Warning Signs above. For your own sake.

If you happen to follow a tipster that you profit from and has no intention of bookmaker partnerships. Maybe think about dropping them a quick thank you message for their hard work because trust me if you're profiting like we are at Upper 90 Tips then you can be sure they're working just as hard too. For you. Rather than the bookies. 

Let's determine the tipsters working for you from the ones working for the bookies.

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For those that ask me "Why do you charge for tips if you're so good?"

Aside from the fact it separates me from the immoral that claim to be 'Free'. I provide a Genuine, Trustworthy service with historical records of Long Term Profits. Do you pay someone to cut your hair or do they do that for free just because they're good at it?

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